Passover | Pesach

Welcome to the Hebrew Corner where we focus on understanding the foundations of our faith. When we do this, the Bible comes alive! Let’s learn more about the Passover (Pesach). What are the origins of the Passover meal, and when was the Passover fulfilled? Below you’ll find Bible stories and activities on the Passover meal and Feast of Unleavened Bread, Yah’s timeless instructions to His people.

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Noah, Moses, Yeshua and His Disciples, and Paul. Help teach your children more about the Bible in a fun creative way. Download our free companion resources below – coloring pages, worksheets, Bible quizzes, word search puzzles, and more.

Shemot | Éxodo: Libro de Actividades con Porciones de la Torá
Libro de Actividades Festivos de Primavera: Principiantes
He is Risen! Activity Book: Beginners
The Spring Feasts Activity Book: Beginners
Libro de Actividades de la Porción Semanal de la Torá
Clean and Unclean Coloring Activity Book: Beginners
The Pharaoh
Moses and the Ten Plagues Activity Book for Beginners
The Passover
He is Risen! Activity Book: Kids Ages 6-12
Vayikra | Leviticus: Torah Portion Activity Book
Shemot | Exodus: Torah Portion Activity Book
BUNDLE: The Passover Story
The Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread Activity Book
The Spring Feasts Activity Book: Kids Ages 6-12
The Pharaoh worksheet and coloring page
Ten Plagues of Egypt worksheet and coloring page
Baby Moses coloring page
The Cross & Empty Tomb
Josiah and the Torah
Gethsemane Task Cards
Moses in the Bulrushes
Ten Plagues Task Cards
Ten Plagues of Egypt
Plague of Frogs
Plague of Hail
Pharaoh and Hebrew Slaves
Baby Moses in Egypt
Ten Plagues
Garden of Gethsemane
The Last Supper
Sign of the Ancient Hebrew Tav
The Last Supper
The Passover
Passover (Pesach)
The Passover
Moses and the Burning Bush
Death on the Stake
Biblical Feast Days
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Moses and the Princess
Ten Plagues of Egypt
Ten Plagues worksheet
Ten Plagues of Egypt
Moses worksheet (Goshen)
Plague of Flies
The Tabernacle
Moses worksheet
Yeshua into the Tomb
The Temple worksheet (Rooster or Temple crier)
Passover Market
The Last Supper
Video – The Risen King
Video – Escape From Egypt
Mary and Yeshua
Twelve Tribes of Israel
Video – Betrayal Of The King