Our mission is to help parents and educators around the world disciple their children in a fun and engaging way. How do we do this? With our free printable activities and Activity Books – all designed to help educators just like you teach children a Biblical faith.

Inspired by God’s Word, we’ve taken your best-loved Bible stories and added world-class audio and wonderful illustrations to bring the Bible’s most famous characters to life. Click the Stories and Activities sections above to download free Bible stories, worksheets, coloring pages and more. Or visit our online store for printable Activity Books for Beginners & Kids Ages 6-12. 

Latest Free Printables

Noah’s Ark…. David & Goliath…. Moses and the Ten Plagues…. Paul the Apostle…or even a Bible-based Road Trip Activity Book? Check out the Activities section for hundreds of exciting Bible-based worksheets, coloring pages, puzzles, and videos. Perfect discipleship resources for your Sabbath and Sunday School lessons, mission programs and homeschooling. An easy way to keep kids busy while they learn about the Father and His Ways.

Bringing discipleship back into the Home

Parents have been teaching their children for thousands of years. What better way to teach them God’s Ways than with fun and creative activities. We want to encourage the type of discipleship that begins in the home and spreads outwards to the body of Messiah. That’s why we created printable Bible Activity Books for kids – to help kick-start this lifetime journey. Perfect for Beginners and Kids Ages 6-12 years. Available in our online store HERE.


We want to reach families everywhere and help parents teach their children more about the Bible. Visit the Languages page to discover a Bible story in Tagalog, Spanish, Portuguese and more. While you’re there, remember to check out our Teacher Packs. Each Pack includes a Bible story, lesson plans, and coloring pages. All our translated Bible stories and Teacher Packs are provided free of charge.

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