Day of Atonement | Yom Kippur

Welcome to the Hebrew Corner where we focus on understanding the foundations of our faith. When we do this, the Bible comes alive! Let’s learn more about the Day of Atonement, and how Yah’s commandments apply to our lives today. Below you’ll find a Bible story related to Yom Kippur, and activities for your fellowship, friends, and family.

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Did you know that the Apostle Paul kept God’s Appointed Times, including the Day of Atonement and Feast of Tabernacles? Learn more in our Bible story, Shipwrecked!

On the fourteenth night, the day before the Feast of Tabernacles, the men heard a strange noise. Was that the sound of waves crashing on rocks? They jumped to their feet and stared into the darkness. A sailor tossed a measuring rope over the side to see how deep the water was. “One hundred twenty feet deep!” he yelled. A little further, he dropped the rope again. “Ninety feet deep!” The crew threw their hands in the air and cheered. They were near land. Maybe they wouldn’t drown after all. Worried the ship would smash into the rocks, the captain shouted, “Drop the anchors. We’ll stay here until dawn.” The sailors pushed the four anchors overboard and the ship came to a shuddering stop. The captain breathed a sigh of relief. Phew! His boat was safe!


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Noah, Moses, Yeshua and His Disciples, and Paul. Help teach your children more about the Bible in a fun creative way. Download our free companion resources below – coloring pages, worksheets, quizzes, mazes, word search puzzles, recipes, and more.

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