Battle of Jericho Activity Book

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  • May 17, 2021
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Battle of Jericho Activity Book

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Let’s step back in time and learn about Joshua and the Battle of Jericho!
How did the Israelites cross the wilderness to conquer the Promised Land? Kids ages 6-12 will LOVE learning about Joshua and the conquest of Canaan with our Battle of Jericho Activity Book. Packed with 80 pages of lesson plans, fun activities, coloring pages, puzzles and worksheets – all designed to help children learn the Biblical faith in a fun and engaging way. Includes detailed scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up and a handy answer key for teachers and parents. All activities are Print-and-Go. View the preview for a closer look or download a FREE Activity Book sample below.

Children will discover:

  • How the Israelites lived in the wilderness for 40 years
  • How Joshua became leader of the Israelites
  • How Rahab protected the Israelite spies in Jericho
  • How the Israelites crossed the Jordan River
  • How the Israelites honored the first Passover in Canaan
  • God’s battle instructions to Joshua
  • How the Israelites won the battle of Jericho
  • Why Joshua spared Rahab and her family

What’s inside the book?
Lesson One: To the promised land
Bible word search puzzle: Escape from Egypt
Worksheet: The first Passover meal
Bible quiz: Life in the wilderness
Bible verse coloring page: Manna and quail
Worksheet: The ten commandments
Worksheet: The tabernacle
Worksheet: Ark of the covenant
Coloring page: Twelve tribes of Israel
Worksheet: Spies into Canaan
Comprehension worksheet: Who were the giants?
Let’s learn Hebrew: Yehoshua

Lesson Two: Rahab and the spies
Map activity: Exodus from Egypt
Bible quiz: Rahab and the spies
Bible verse word scramble: Where did the spies hide?
Newspaper worksheet: The Jericho Times
Comprehension worksheet: Canaanite life
Bible verse coloring page: Rahab hides the spies
What’s the Word?: Rahab hides the spies
Labyrinth: Help the spies escape Jericho
Worksheet: Flax in the Bible
Worksheet: Amazing facts about flax
Worksheet: Rahab and the spies
Worksheet: True or false?

Lesson Three: Crossing the Jordan
Bible word search puzzle: Crossing the Jordan
Bible crossword: Crossing the Jordan
Question ’n color: Israel crosses the Jordan
Worksheet: The seven nations of Canaan
Banners: Twelve tribes of Israel
Bible verse coloring page: Ark of the covenant
Worksheet: Ark of the covenant
Worksheet: Crossing the Jordan River
Worksheet: The Jordan River
Worksheet: Twelve memorial stones
Coloring worksheet: Building a memorial

Lesson Four: Battle instructions
Bible quiz: Camp at Gilgal
Creative writing worksheet: Imagine you are the king of Jericho
Worksheet: The Passover meal
Comprehension worksheet: The Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread
Let’s learn Hebrew: Pesach
Worksheet: Joshua’s resume
What’s the Word?: Instructions for battle
Worksheet: Israelite soldiers
Worksheet: Blowing the shofar
Map activity: God’s battle plan
Bible verse coloring page: Be courageous

Lesson Five: Battle of Jericho
Bible quiz: Battle of Jericho
Bible word search puzzle: Battle of Jericho
Bible verse coloring page: Ark of the covenant
Worksheet: The Levitical priesthood
Comprehension worksheet: City of Giants?
Worksheet: Write a letter!
Worksheet: Courage
Newspaper worksheet: Battle instructions
Bible name unscramble: Battle of Jericho
Worksheet: Battle of Jericho
Coloring worksheet: Rahab escapes!
Read and sequence worksheet: Battle of Jericho

Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures
ISBN-10: 978-1-989961-63-6

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