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From Around the World

“I want to congratulate you for the beautiful work you are doing spreading the Word of God. This website has helped us a lot in preparing classes for our children’s Bible school. I publicize your work on my blog and Facebook page of biblical youth school, and shared your website so that many teachers and parents can teach children in a fun creative way. May Yah bless you.”


“Quero estar parabenizando vocês pelo belíssimo trabalho que estão fazendo na divulgação da palavra de Deus. Esse site tem nos ajudado muito na preparação de aulas para nossa escola bíblica infantil. Fiz divulgação do trabalho de vocês no meu blog e página do facebook de escola biblica infanto juvenil e compartilhei o link desse site para que muitos outros professores e pais possam estar ensinando de forma bem lúdica e divertida aos nossos pequenos. Mais uma vez quero parabenizá-los por essa obra.Que o Senhor os abençoe.”


“I love the stories and the fact that we can introduce our children to our history and the people actually look like us. Great concept!”


“This is a great series. My grandchildren look forward to having individual chapters read to them while they get ready for bed. They are really excited about the information that you have provided for Bible study.”

Mike LeBleu,

“I am nearly 20 and find that this app is amazing. The information within the Adventure Scrolls is fantastic and aids me in biblical studies. It comforts my heart to know that there are other people out there who are aware of the truth. I am grateful for this app and the information that it provides, the stories are also quite entertaining..”


“I got your app for my son yesterday. He thinks it’s absolutely brilliant.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, but more importantly, to give thanks to Yahuah for placing it on your heart to create this website. It was such a blessing and a thrill to see historically correct information for the children. I love everything that I have seen and have shared it with my friends. All praises to Yahuah my Elohim for leading me to this website. Thank you all for your hard work.”


“Thank you for your beautiful work that inspires my 5yr old to read and TEACH her friends bible stories!! If WE don’t teach our children to follow Yeshua, the world will show them reasons not to.”


“We took the month of December off from homeschool, but started back into school this week. Today we had the privilege to check out your iOS app. We really enjoyed the extra facts and history supplementing this story. Our son has heard this story many times, but your app added some details he didn’t know so it was fun for us to go through it. We added the other stories and look forward to check those out in the future. Great job. Thank you for all your hard work in putting this program together.”


“I’m so excited to see that a children’s ministry is willing to search and teach the truth. Blessings to y’all, and prayers for the truth to be revealed and sought by parents and children.”


“This is an awesome app for teaching the Word of God to children. I love what Bible Pathway Adventures is doing.”

Lisa – Indiana,

“Really love the archaeological, language translations and historical accounts you add to the storybook app. You are helping to add to our knowledge too as parents. Thank you and God bless you!”


“Bible Pathway Adventures’ illustrations make me smile. No matter what I’m going through whenever I see one of them I just feel better. Thank you for giving us something joyful to look at.”


“You have no idea how well you do!!! I was looking for material on God’s word to teach my niece and nephews. Thank you so much. I pray that members of this ministry will be blessed and that your coast enlarged, and that God’s righteous right hand be with you. Amen.”


“My kids love this stuff! I downloaded a few of the audio stories. Now when the kids get into the car they immediately ask to listen to them lol! Think one of them almost had them memorised by now!”

Grant Easter,

“I appreciate the authenticity of your illustrations. This is a blessing trying to educate my two young ones.”

Rise Yehudi,

“Just a little thank you from us to you for all of the fabulous work that you do… you touch many children’s lives with your wonderful ministry. My boys absolutely love your works and I will be today printing out a boo of coloring pages and adventure puzzles for kids so that my eldest son can continue his ministry in his classroom at school. All thanks to the tools you have provided. CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH for the generous time and effort you put into this. Blessings upon your house.”


“The app has stirred great discussions and allowed us time to explore truth rather than follow tradition blindly. Thank you for bringing insight and clarification!!  Praise our God for the gift of journeying together!! Thank you thank you thank you … For being bold and following where God led you in regards to a discipleship application.”

Natalie – Wellington,

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