Troy W. Hudson

Audio Production

Troy W. Hudson, the 'Voice of Bible Pathway Adventures' has been a voice-over artist and character voice actor for over 32 years. He provides his worldwide clients with 'Voice Over with Personality'! This means he delivers messages with a heartfelt passion and strives to connect and communicate with his audience. Today, whether it’s high energy commercials, documentaries, that ‘guy next door’ sound, corporate or technical training lessons - Troy does them all. By far his favorite form of voice over work is immersing himself into a well-written story and bringing to life the multiple characters in a children’s adventure.

Troy hearkens back to his memories of reading stories to his own children when they would say “do voices Daddy” and channels that same enthusiasm for a new generation of young listeners he educates and entertains today. It’s a matter of breathing life into words and knowing it is magic and wonder for a child hearing a well-told story. As he puts it, if you’re going to tell a story “YOU have to believe!” Hear Troy’s demos and learn more at on his Facebook page @TroyWVO, Twitter page @TroyWHudson_VO and on his SoundCloud page @troywhudson.  Watch Troy in action below:

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