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Each Teacher Pack includes an illustrated Bible story, a set of easy-to-use lesson plans, and a story-planner with pictures. Heading away on missions? Want to learn a foreign language? Remember to browse through our languages section to see what’s available in Spanish and Tagalog. Click the Download FREE Teacher Packs button below to find a Teacher Pack you want to download. Or select Languages in the menu bar above to read a Bible story in your own language. 

Our FREE Teacher Packs Include:
  • Illustrated story e-Book
  • Teacher lesson plans
  • Story-planner

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Support Bible Pathway Adventures by buying our printable Activity Books. These printable Activity Books are a wonderful way to help students learn more about the Bible. Perfect for Homeschoolers, Sabbath and Sunday School students, teachers and parents. Every book purchased helps us continue our work providing free Bible resources to families and missions around the world. Click a book cover below to preview and buy in our Bookstore today. 

Printable Activity Books For Kids Ages 3-5

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