Shemot | Éxodo: Libro de Actividades con Porciones de la Torá

Libro de Actividades Festivos de Primavera: Principiantes

He is Risen! Activity Book: Beginners

Spring Feasts Activity Book: Beginners

Libro de Actividades de la Porción Semanal de la Torá

Clean and Unclean Coloring Activity Book: Beginners

The Pharaoh

Moses and the Ten Plagues Activity Book for Beginners

The Passover

He is Risen! Activity Book: Kids Ages 6-12

Vayikra | Leviticus: Torah Portion Activity Book

Shemot | Exodus: Torah Portion Activity Book

BUNDLE: The Passover Story

The Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread Activity Book

The Spring Feasts Activity Book: Kids Ages 6-12

The Pharaoh worksheet and coloring page

Ten Plagues of Egypt worksheet and coloring page

Baby Moses coloring page