Paul’s Shipwreck Activity Book: Kids Ages 6-12

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  • December 20, 2018
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Paul’s Shipwreck Activity Book

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Children will LOVE learning about the story of Paul’s Shipwreck with our Paul’s Shipwreck Activity Book. Packed with detailed lesson plans, worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages, and crafts to help educators just like you teach students a Biblical faith. PLUS, scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up and an answer key for teachers.

Paul’s Shipwreck Activity Book includes:

  • FIVE teacher lesson plans, including Paul appeals to Caesar, Paul’s Warning, A Violent Storm, Shipwrecked and Bitten by a Snake
  • 83 activity pages in pdf format (8.5” x 11”)
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures’ illustrations
  • Answer key for teachers and parents
  • BONUS: A Shipwrecked! illustrated Bible story you can download for free

This Activity Book can be used to fill a Bible interactive notebook or as standalone activities. You may use our lesson plans in the order we present them or as a supplement to your Bible activities. Very little teacher prep needed. Just PRINT-AND-GO! Download your FREE sample of Paul’s Shipwreck Activity Book below.

“I absolutely love what you do at Bible Pathway Adventures. My family are blessed beyond measure because of your dedication to creating resources for children…”  (Huldah D, CA, via email)

Who is it for?
Kids ages 6-12, homeschooling, religious education teachers, and children’s ministry leaders

What’s Inside?
Lesson One: Paul appeals to Caesar
Coloring page: Paul appeals to Caesar
Bible quiz: Paul appeals to Caesar
Map activity: The plot to kill Paul
Question ’n color: Paul appeals to Caesar
Bible word search puzzle: Paul in Caesarea
Newspaper worksheet: Paul appeals to Caesar!
Bible activity: Paul in prison
Bible activity: Create your own passport
Comprehension worksheet: Caesarea
Creative writing: The kind centurion
Worksheet: Label a Roman soldier
Bible verse match

Lesson Two: Paul’s warning
Coloring page: Paul’s warning
Question ’n color: Paul’s warning
Comprehension worksheet: Alexandrian grain ship
Worksheet: Roman merchant ships
Map activity: Paul’s journey to Fair Havens
Worksheet: Yom Kippur
Comprehension worksheet: Yom Kippur
Bible craft: Make a paper boat
Bible crossword: Paul sails to Rome
Let’s learn Hebrew: Sha’ul

Lesson Three: A violent storm
Coloring page: The Roman emperor
Coloring worksheet: Caesar
Bible craft: Make a rain cloud
Worksheet: What’s the Word?
Worksheet: Paul the Apostle
Map activity: Island of Crete
Comprehension worksheet: Roman citizenship
Bible word scramble: How did the men try to save the ship?
Coloring page: God will save everyone
Worksheet: The Mediterranean sea
Worksheet: Design a meal for Paul

Lesson Four: Shipwrecked!
Coloring page: Shipwreck
Bible quiz: Shipwrecked!
Worksheet: My travel diary
Crack the code: How many people on the ship?
Bible word search puzzle: Shipwrecked!
Question ’n color: Hungry sailors
Creative writing: Shipwrecked!
Labyrinth: Help Paul and Julius swim to Malta
Newspaper worksheet: Shipwrecked at sea
Comprehension worksheet: Navigation in ancient Rome
Worksheet: A Hebrew day
Connect the dots: A Roman anchor
Bible craft: Make a hanging mobile

Lesson Five: Bitten by a snake
Coloring page: Bitten by a snake
Coloring worksheet: Bitten by a snake
Bible activity: All about Paul…
Question ’n color: Paul heals Publius’ father
Bible craft: Bitten by a snake
Comprehension worksheet: Interesting discovery!
Worksheet: The number three
Worksheet: The story of Paul’s shipwreck
Worksheet: Write a letter
Map activity: Paul’s journey to Rome
Bible verse match
Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures
ISBN-10: 978-1-98-858502-4

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