BUNDLE: The Passover Story Activity Books

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  • December 13, 2017
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The Passover Story Activity Books BUNDLE

Important: This bundle includes a 109-page downloadable Activity Book and a 58-page downloadable Activity Book in PDF format. Instant Download!

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Here’s a wonderful bundle of resources to help you teach your students about the Passover story in a fun creative way. This Bundle includes two Activity Books:

  1. The Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread Activity Book: includes 58 printable pages of quizzes, coloring pages, worksheets, creative writing and map activities, crafts, puzzles, and more. Plus detailed scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up, and an answer key for teachers.
  2. Moses and the Ten Plagues Activity Book: includes 109 printable pages of detailed lesson plans, coloring pages, quizzes, worksheets, crafts, puzzles and more. Plus a Moses and the Ten Plagues illustrated Bible story you can download for free!

These Activity Books can be used to fill a Bible interactive notebook or as standalone activities. You may use our lesson plans in the order we present them or as a supplement to your Bible activities. View the preview to LOOK INSIDE or download your FREE sample Activity Book below.

What’s Inside?
1. The Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread Activity Book
Introduction: The Appointed Times
Map activity: Where is Egypt?
Worksheet: Who was Moses?
Worksheet: Decode the hieroglyphics
Bible quiz: The ten plagues
Worksheet: Ten plagues of Egypt
Bible craft: Make a paper frog
Worksheet: Land of Goshen
Worksheet: The Feast of Unleavened Bread
Coloring page: The Passover
Bible crossword puzzle: The Passover
Worksheet: The Passover meal
Bible craft: Make a paper plate lamb
Worksheet: Learn to draw a sheep
Worksheet: The Passover meal
Coloring page: The Passover
Worksheet: What’s the word?
Worksheet: Unleavened Bread
Bible word search puzzle: Feast of Unleavened Bread
Recipe: Let’s make matzah
Let’s learn Hebrew: Chag HaMatzot
Coloring page: Leaving Egypt…
Worksheet: Did You Know?
Bible quiz: The Passover & Feast of Unleavened Bread
Bible verse copywork: The Passover lamb
Coloring page: Do this in remembrance of Me
Complete the picture: Yeshua’s last meal
Bible word search puzzle: The last supper
Bible word unscramble: The disciples
Worksheet: Who were the Zealots?
Worksheet: Did You Know?
Complete the picture: Garden of Gethsemane
Worksheet: The olive tree
Labyrinth: Before the Sanhedrin
Worksheet: The religious leaders
Question ‘n color: Yeshua before Pilate
Bible quiz: Death on the stake
Coloring worksheet: Crucifixion
Let’s learn Hebrew: Pesach
Worksheet: The Passover lamb
Worksheet: The Passover
Worksheet: Golgotha
Creative writing: The crucifixion
Worksheet: Match the scriptures
Worksheet: Into the tomb…
Coloring page: Into the tomb…

2. Moses and the Ten Plagues Activity Book
Lesson One: Moses and the princess
Bible quiz: Moses and the princess
Coloring page: Moses and the princess
Bible word scramble: Who raised Moses?
Bible word search: Moses and the princess
Comprehension worksheet: Land of Goshen
Let’s learn Hebrew: Moses
Worksheet: Baby Moses
Question ’n color: The Hebrews are slaves
Worksheet: Bible verse match
Map activity: Where is Egypt?
Worksheets: Hebrew slaves in Egypt
Coloring page: The Pharaoh
Worksheet: The Egyptian Times

Lesson Two: The burning bush
Bible quiz: Moses escapes to Midian
Worksheet: Moses escapes to Midian
Map activity: Moses moves to Midian
Worksheet: Did You Know?
Complete the picture: Life in the desert
Worksheet: Moses was a shepherd
Bible activity: Mount Sinai
Bible crossword: The burning bush
Coloring worksheet: The burning bush
Worksheet: What’s the Word?
Let’s Write: A day in the life of Moses
Bible word unscramble: Moses
Coloring page: The burning bush

Lesson Three: The plagues
Bible quiz: The plagues
Comprehension worksheet: Moses and Aaron before Pharaoh
Coloring page: Out of slavery
Worksheet: Unscramble the plagues
Coloring worksheet: Pharaoh
Worksheet: Write your name in hieroglyphics
Comprehension worksheet: Egyptian gods
Bible crossword: Ten plagues of Egypt
Worksheet: Ten plagues of Egypt
Question ’n color: The ten plagues
Craft: Make a paper frog
Worksheet: Plagues!
Worksheet: The Nile
Coloring page: Ten plagues of Egypt
Bible craft: Make your own Ten Plagues lapbook

Lesson Four: The Passover
Let’s learn Hebrew: Passover
Worksheet: What’s the Word?
Comprehension worksheet: The Passover
Worksheet: What do you eat for the Passover meal?
Bible activity: The Passover meal
Coloring page: The Passover
Bible word search: Feast of Unleavened Bread
Recipe: Unleavened Bread
Worksheet: I spy!
Connect the dots: Moses
Coloring worksheet: The Passover
Worksheet: The Egyptian Times
Bible craft: Make a ten plagues necklace

Lesson Five: Red Sea crossing
Bible quiz: Red Sea crossing
Bible word search: Red Sea crossing
Let’s learn Hebrew: Unleavened Bread
Comprehension worksheet: Feast of Unleavened Bread
Worksheet: The Exodus
Bible activity: The Exodus
Fun worksheet: Red Sea crossing
Worksheet: Egyptian war chariot
Coloring worksheet: Red Sea crossing
Comprehension worksheet: Red Sea discovery?
Coloring page: Red Sea crossing

Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures

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