Noah’s Ark Activity Book for Kids Ages 6-12

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  • June 20, 2018
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Noah’s Ark Activity Book

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Here’s a wonderful set of resources to help you teach your students the story of Noah’s Ark in a fun engaging way. Our Noah’s Ark Activity Book includes 89 pages of detailed lesson plans, a Bible story, coloring pages, Bible crafts and puzzles, map and writing activities, history fact sheets and much more. Plus detailed scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up, and an answer key for teachers.

This Activity Book can be used to fill a Bible interactive notebook or as standalone activities. You may use our lesson plans in the order we present them or as a supplement to your Bible activities. The perfect resource to keep on hand for Homeschooling, Sunday School and Sabbath School lessons. Very little teacher prep needed. Just print the activity sheets you need and go! View the preview to LOOK INSIDE or download your FREE sample of Noah’s Ark Activity Book below.

“I cannot thank you enough for your ministry! I teach elementary school-age children on Sunday mornings. The biblical accounts that you have brought to life are what I use to teach. These children are captivated when I read and when they see the beautifully illustrated pages. (The illustrations are amazingly drawn!!) When I only use the suggested number of pages they all moan and groan because I’ve left them hanging. Then I move on to the teaching worksheets and questions. It’s so hard to pick which child is going to answer because ALL of their hands are in the air.”  (Kelly S, AL via email)

Kids ages 7-12, homeschooling, and children’s ministry leaders

17-page Noah’s Ark Bible story
Read ‘n Learn (fill in the blanks) activity Part One, Part Two, and Part Three

Lesson One: Noah obeys God (two pages)
Coloring page: Giants!
Bible Word Search: Noah’s Ark
Bible Quiz: Noah
Bible Craft: Noah’s Ark puppets
Question ’n color activity: Giants!
Fact Sheet: Who were the Nephilim?
Bible worksheet: Noah
Creative Writing: Giants!
My Bible Notes worksheet

Lesson Two: Noah builds the Ark (two pages)
Coloring page: Building the Ark
Creative writing activity: Obeying God
Bible Question ’n color activity: Building the Ark
Fact Sheet: Noah’s Ark Discovered?
Coloring worksheet: Building the Ark
Bible Task Cards: Building the Ark
What’s the Word? Genesis 6
Bible copywork ’n color: Getting Ready
Let’s Draw: Getting Ready
Bible craft: Craft Stick Noah’s Ark

Lesson Three: Animals on the Ark (two pages)
Coloring page: Entering the ark
Bible Word Search: Clean and Unclean
Bible Word Scramble: Noah’s Ark
Bible worksheet: Clean and Unclean animals
Bible activity: Place the animals on the Ark
Coloring worksheet: The Animals
Fact Sheet: Clean and Unclean
Bible worksheet: I can eat…
Bible Task Cards: Animals
Bible Maze: All aboard!

Lesson Four: The Great Flood (two pages)
Coloring page: The Great Flood
Bible crossword: Noah’s Ark
Bible verse match
Fill-in-the-blanks & color activity: The Great Flood
Connect the dots: Noah
Bible worksheet: The Ark
Fact Sheet: Fountains of the Deep
Fact Sheet: Fossil Graveyards
My favorite animals worksheet
What’s the Word? Genesis 8
Creative writing: The Flood

Lesson Five: God makes a covenant (two pages)
Coloring page: Noah celebrates!
Bible Quiz: Noah and the Flood
Creative writing: The story of Noah’s Ark
I Spy!
Coloring activity: God keeps His promises
Question ’n color activity: God’s covenant with Noah
Read and Unscramble: Sign of the Covenant
Bible worksheet: Everlasting Covenant
Fact Sheet: Anchor stones
Bible Craft: Make a hanging mobile
Creative writing: Everlasting covenant

Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures
ISBN-10: 978-0-473-44295-8

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