The story of Joseph Activity Book: Beginners

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  • October 24, 2018
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The story of Joseph Activity Book

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Your children will LOVE learning about Joseph and the ancient Israelites with The story of Joseph Activity Book for Beginners. Packed with lesson plans, coloring pages, fun worksheets, and puzzles to help educators just like you teach children about the life of Joseph. Includes scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up and a handy answer key for teachers and parents. Suitable for kids ages 3-7.

Children will discover…

  • Where Joseph and his family lived in Biblical times
  • Why Jacob gave Joseph a special coat
  • Why Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt
  • How Joseph helped Pharaoh understand his dreams
  • How Joseph became a ruler of Egypt
  • Why Joseph’s brothers went to Egypt
  • How Joseph tested his brothers with a silver cup
  • The twelve sons of Jacob (Israel)
  • How Pharaoh helped Joseph’s family move to Egypt, and much more!

What you’ll get…

  • FIVE teacher lesson plans, including Joseph the dreamer, Sold into slavery, The dreaming Pharaoh, The silver cup, and Joseph and his family
  • 87 pages of printable activities in PDF format (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Certificate of Award for children
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • Answer key for teachers and parents
  • BONUS: An illustrated Joseph Bible story you can download for free

This is a great way to introduce a Bible story into your home or classroom. Use this resource as a whole class story or print multiple activity sheets and have them available for your students to finish during lesson time. View the preview for a closer look or download your FREE sample of The story of Joseph Activity Book below.

What’s inside?
Lesson One: Joseph the dreamer
Worksheets: J is for Joseph
Worksheet: Joseph’s family
Bible word search puzzle: Joseph
Bible craft: Joseph’s coat
Bible activity: Joseph’s coat
Connect the dots: Jacob
Worksheet: Trace the Words
Worksheet: What’s the word?
Worksheet: Bowing wheat
Coloring worksheet: Sun, moon, and stars
Bible activity: Israelite tent

Lesson Two: Sold into slavery
Worksheet: Can you follow instructions?
Complete the picture: Joseph in the pit
Worksheet: Matching pairs
Color ’n trace: Joseph
Worksheet: Pieces of silver
Labyrinth: Sold into slavery
Coloring worksheet: Bible memory verse
Worksheet: What a lot of camels!
Map activity: To Egypt…
Complete the picture: Sold into slavery
Worksheet: Potiphar is blessed
Worksheet: Potiphar’s wife

Lesson Three: The dreaming Pharaoh
Bible activity: The butler and baker
Bible craft: Joseph in prison
Worksheet: The Pharaoh
Worksheet: What’s different?
Worksheet: Finish the drawing
Bible flashcards
Bible craft: Pharaoh’s dreams
Worksheet: D is for dream
Worksheet: Pharaoh’s dreams
Coloring activity: Joseph’s chariot
Worksheet: Joseph’s new ring

Lesson Four: The silver cup
Worksheet: The number seven
Worksheet: No food in Canaan
Labyrinth: Famine!
Worksheet: Gifts for Joseph
Worksheet: Color the gifts
Worksheet: Joseph helps his brothers
Connect the dots: The silver cup
Worksheet: Where is the silver cup?
Worksheet: What’s the word?
Worksheet: I spy!
Worksheet: Sacks of grain
Worksheet: G is for grain

Lesson Five: Joseph and his family
Worksheet: Joseph’s secret
Coloring page: Joseph forgives his brothers
Worksheet: F is for forgive
Worksheet: Trace the Words
Worksheet: Let’s move!
Worksheet: What’s my sound?
Bible word search puzzle: Land of Egypt
Worksheet: Israel stays in Egypt
Bible craft: Create a door hanger
Let’s learn Hebrew: Joseph
Let’s Draw: Draw your family
Worksheet: True or False?
Flashcards: Twelve sons of Jacob (Israel)
Certificate of Award

Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures
ISBN-10: 978-0-9951140-3-6

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