Daniel and the Lions Activity Book for kids ages 6-12

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  • April 6, 2022
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Daniel and the Lions Activity Book

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Despite the prophet Jeremiah’s warnings, the Hebrew people continue to disobey God. And God is not pleased. He allows their enemies to destroy Jerusalem and take the Hebrews back to Babylon. Taken into captivity, Daniel finds favor with King Darius. But the satraps are jealous of Daniel’s special friendship with the king. They hatch a plan to get rid of him for good…

Bring the story of Daniel to life with our Daniel and the Lions Activity Book for kids ages 6-12. Includes detailed lesson plans, fun worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages, and crafts. PLUS, scripture references for easy Bible verse look-up and an answer key for teachers. The perfect classroom resource for Sabbath and Sunday School lessons, and homeschooling. All activities are Print-and-Go. View the preview for a closer look or download a FREE Activity Book sample below.

Children will discover:

  • Why Daniel and his friends were taken to Babylon
  • How Daniel helped King Nebuchadnezzar understand his strange dream
  • How the king of Babylon rewarded Daniel for his help
  • How Daniel helped the king understand the writing on the wall
  • Why the Babylonian officials had Daniel thrown to the lions
  • How God saved Daniel from the lions
  • How King Darius punished the officials for getting Daniel into trouble
  • Why the king wrote a letter to everyone on earth!

Daniel and the Lions Activity Book includes:

  • FIVE teacher lesson plans, including The king’s dream, Handwriting on the wall, The satrap’s plan, Thrown to the lions, and The king’s letter
  • 80+ activity pages in pdf format (8.5” x 11”)
  • Original Bible Pathway Adventures® illustrations
  • Answer key for educators
  • BONUS: Daniel and the Lions illustrated Bible story you can download for free

What’s inside the book?
Lesson One: The king’s dream
Worksheet: The southern kingdom
Map activity: The Babylonian Empire
Labyrinth: Taken to Babylon
Worksheet: Did You Know?
Bible quiz: Daniel in Babylon
What’s the word? Daniel’s faithfulness
Bible word search puzzle: The king’s dream
Coloring worksheet: The king’s dream
Worksheet: I had a dream
Coloring page: The king’s dream
Comprehension worksheets: King Nebuchadnezzar

Lesson Two: Handwriting on the wall
Bible quiz: Handwriting on the wall
Coloring page: The king’s feast
Newspaper worksheet: The king’s feast
Worksheet: Temple in Jerusalem
Bible word unscramble: Handwriting on the wall
Bible craft: Writing on the wall
Worksheet: Did you know?
Worksheet: Aramaic alphabet
Worksheet: The king’s feast
Worksheets: The Magi
Bible craft: Daniel’s gold chain

Lesson Three: The satrap’s plan
Bible quiz: The satrap’s plan
Bible word search puzzle: The satrap’s plan
Comprehension worksheets: Babylon
Worksheet: A new law
Worksheet: Write your name in cuneiform
Worksheet: I am thankful…
Coloring page: Daniel prays and thanks God
Worksheet: Did You Know?
Worksheet: The Persian satrap
Worksheet: Design your own silver coin
Worksheet: True or false?

Lesson Four: Thrown to the lions
Bible quiz: Thrown to the lions
What’s the word? Daniel and the lions
Worksheet: What is fasting?
Worksheet: The royal seal
Worksheet: Into the den
Coloring worksheet: Daniel and the lions
Worksheet: All about lions
Coloring page: Thrown to the lions
Worksheet: Who do I trust?
Labyrinth: Where’s Daniel?
Newspaper worksheet: Daniel thrown to the lions
Worksheet: Perfect peace…

Lesson Five: The king’s letter
What’s the word? Into the den!
Bible crossword puzzle: The king’s letter
Worksheet: Write a letter!
Coloring page: The king’s messengers
Worksheet: The royal postal service
Worksheet: The king’s letter
Let’s learn Hebrew: Daniel
Comprehension worksheets: Babylon discovered?
Read and sequence worksheet: Daniel and the lions
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Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures
ISBN-10: 978-1-989961-71-1

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