Clean and Unclean Coloring Activity Book: Beginners

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  • December 6, 2018
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Clean and Unclean Coloring Activity Book

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Your children will LOVE learning about clean and unclean animals of the Bible with this FUN hands-on Clean and Unclean Activity Book. Designed to help you teach your children the basics of clean and unclean animals (Deuteronomy 14 and Leviticus 11) according to Yah’s instructions. Learn about the Torah in a fun and creative way!

**28 coloring activity pages featuring clean and unclean animals
**Seven colorful flashcard sets to help your child remember what they learned
**Bright, eye-catching Bible Pathway Adventures illustrations

This is a great way to introduce clean and unclean animals and birds into your homeschooling routine or classroom. Very little teacher prep needed. Just print the activity pages you need and go! View the preview for a closer look or download your FREE sample of Clean and Unclean Activity Book sample below.

Want the Spanish version? Click here to view Libro de Actividades Limpios e Inmundos para principiantes

“These activities are a blessing to all of us. Train a child up in the way they should and when they are older they will not depart from it! Thank you for putting these books out. Would love one for my five year old.”  (via Facebook)

Who is it for?
Kids ages 4-7, homeschooling, and children’s ministry leaders

What’s Inside?
28 Coloring Activity Pages
Clean: cow, sheep, locust, deer, goat, fish, moose, chicken, buffalo, turkey, antelope, giraffe, duck, peacock.
Unclean: donkey, pig, lion, worm, camel, frog, hippo, snake, dog, monkey, rabbit, crab, shrimp, elephant.

7 Printable Flashcard Sets
Set 1: cow, sheep locust, deer
Set 2: goat, fish, moose, chicken
Set 3: buffalo, turkey, antelope, giraffe
Set 4: duck, peacock, donkey, pig
Set 5: lion, worm, camel, frog
Set 6: hippo, snake, dog, monkey
Set 7: rabbit, crab, shrimp, elephant

Publisher: Bible Pathway Adventures
ISBN-10:  978-1-98-858500-0

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