BUNDLE: Birth of The King Coloring Activity Books

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  • November 19, 2017
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Birth of The King Coloring Activity Books

Important: This bundle includes a 81-page downloadable activity book and a 38-page downloadable coloring book in PDF format. Nothing will be shipped. Instant Download!

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Need help teaching your students more about the Bible? These printable Birth of The King Coloring and Activity Books are a wonderful way to help children learn about the birth of Yeshua (Jesus). This teaching pack includes 81 pages of detailed lesson plans, bible story, hands-on activities, puzzles, map exercise, creative writing activities, Bible verse copywork, history fact sheets, detailed scripture references and an Answer Key for teachers and parents.

PLUS 38 Birth of The King copywork and coloring pages. Color thru the birth of the Messiah!

These Activity Books can be used to fill a Bible interactive notebook or as standalone activities. You may use our lesson plans in the order we present them or as a supplement to your Bible activities. Very little teacher prep needed. Just print the activity sheets you need and go! View the Preview for a closer look.

3rd Graders (8 to 9-year-olds)
4th Graders (9 to 10-year-olds)
5th Graders (10 to 11-year-olds)
6th Graders (11 to 12-year-olds)
7th Graders (12 to 13-year-olds)
Visual Learners
Children’s Ministry leaders

1. Birth of the King Activity Book (81 pages)
Birth of The King Bible story
Read ‘n Learn (fill in the blanks) activity Part One
Read ‘n Learn (fill in the blanks) activity Part Two
Read ‘n Learn (fill in the blanks) activity Part Three

Lesson Plan One: An angel visits Mary (2 pages)
Bible coloring page: An angel visits Mary
Connect the dots: The Angel Gabriel
Bible Quiz: Mary
Bible Word Search: Mary
Fact sheet: Nazareth
Bible Word Scramble
Mary Bible Word Match
Bible Verse Copywork: Mary
Worksheet: Draw & write about Nazareth
Fact Sheet: Hebrew weddings

Lesson Plan Two: A king is born! (2 pages)
Bible coloring page: The Messiah is born
Fact sheet: Manger
Bible Worksheet: Birth of the King
Bible Crossword: Birth of Yeshua
Bible Quiz: Birth of the Messiah
Bible Verse Copywork: Shepherds
Bible activity: A king is born!
My Bible Journal: God keeps His promises
Fact sheet: Roman Empire

Lesson Plan Three: A special star (2 pages)
Bible coloring page: The Magi plan an adventure
Quiz: The Shepherds’ Visit
Quiz: Presentation at the Temple
Fun History Facts
Fact Sheet: Day of Trumpets
Writing Activity: Who were the Magi?
Bible coloring worksheet: The Magi
Circle the correct answer

Lesson Plan Four: Arrival of the Magi (2 pages)
Bible coloring page: The Magi meet King Herod
Bible Quiz: The Magi
Bible Word Search: King Herod
Fact Sheet: Journey to Jerusalem
Maze: Help the Magi make their way to Jerusalem
Hebrew alphabet worksheets: Let’s Learn Hebrew
Worksheet: 4 x activities
What’s the Word?

Lesson Plan Five: Escape to Egypt (2 pages)
Bible coloring page: The Magi worship Yeshua
Bible Word Search: Bethlehem
Bible coloring worksheet: Escape to Egypt
Map activity: Escape to Egypt
Copywork for kids
Let’s Draw: Favorite scene from Birth of The King
Worksheet: Where is Egypt?
Color ‘n trace: Pharaoh, king of Egypt
Coloring worksheet: Birth of Yeshua
Task Cards: Birth of Yeshua
Task Cards: Mary

2. Birth of The King Coloring Book (38 pages)
17 printable Birth of The King coloring pages
17 printable Birth of The King Bible story copywork sheets

Use the copywork sheets to help your students recognize their uppercase and lowercase letters, read and write words. You may also guide your students to trace the letters/words, color the pictures, cut the booklet, stack the pictures and staple/glue their finished work.

Thanks for buying our Birth of The King Activity Books and supporting Bible Pathway Adventures. Every printable book purchased helps us continue our work providing free discipleship resources to families and missions around the world.

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