Creating Bible visuals to spread God’s Word

We recently partnered with Global Seedsowers, a ministry creating Bible visuals for missions, preachers, and Bible teachers in foreign countries, and for communities that have lost Bible materials by disastrous circumstances. Colorful biblical materials are created in Oregon and Texas and sent to lending libraries around the world, including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Japan, the Philippines, and beyond. Bible Pathway Adventures is excited to partner with Global Seedsowers and provide our Bible story illustrations free of charge for this purpose.


“Thank you for the incredible blessing!  There is nothing you could have done that would mean more to us as we work to re-establish our service to God in the community. The kids loved and were mesmerized by the black light lesson on the Fiery Furnace. It is wonderful to offer a lesson they can all understand and to offer something for all ages.” (Myrna Carpenter— Carrollton, LA)

“Shan-Shan (a government magazine editor) was totally surprised and overwhelmed as we unpacked the suitcase and found treasure after treasure.  She has been using the material every Sunday. One of the girls wrote and thanked me for bringing the materials so that they can learn the Bible.” (Enoch & Jeanine Thweatt — Tien Mou, Taiwan)

“God supplies seed to the planter. He supplies bread for food. God will also supply and increase the amount of your seed. He will increase the results of your good works.”

2 Corinthians 9:10

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